Taking Meeting Minutes
Taking Meeting Minutes
What makes a master minute taker?
Do you have a moment of panic when you're asked to take meeting minutes?
Do you worry that during a meeting you will be asked a parliamentary procedure question?
Do you have trouble deciding what to record and not record in your minutes?
Do you leave a meeting with pages of notes you can't decipher later?
Are you lost on the follow up?

Minute taking is a skill that great admins should develop. Just like anything in life, practice makes perfect. The more you take minutes and prepare them, the better you get. Rather than taking flight away from your fear of taking meeting minutes, fight against your fear and learn to do it properly and with confidence.

Join Christy Crump, 25 year veteran administrative professional and minute taker, for Taking Meeting Minutes: Effective Techniques for Efficiency and Accuracy. This webinar is designed to assist minute takers in perfecting your skills so you can take minutes efficiently, effectively, and accurately. By being a master minute taker, you will stand out from your peers and competition.

This workshop will alleviate the stress, confusion, and fear that taking meeting minutes often causes. Learn efficient and effective techniques for:

" Preparing for and running an effective meeting
" Drafting agendas
" What to record (what you should and should not write down)
" Preparing minutes for review
" Approving minutes as presented and as corrected
" Recording motions, amendments, and votes
" Taking roll call votes
" Tabling motions
" Finalizing and recording minutes

Included in the webinar is a valuable list of resources and templates you can use to master minute taking.

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